Иммиграция в Канаду

Вы новичок в Манитобе?

Все что вам нужно знать о новых правилах биометрии в Канаде,

Правительство Канады облегчает получение

Правительство Манитобы совершенсвует

С приходом осени традиционно начинают работу мировые ярмарки труда.

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Meet the Canadian Government and other companies that can help you move this September

Hi Tatyana
Working In is totally connected with your goal of moving to a beautiful place in the world - and this September several Canadian companies are coming together to help make it happen.
The Canadian Government are running seminars on how to migrate to Canada and the visa process at our London event.
The Brazolot Migration Group are flying in from Quebec to Manchester and London to assess your ability to move to Canada and help you understand the immigration process.
And you will find out about every aspect of your move, from moving your belongings and pets to banking and house-buying information.
Manchester - September 14th
London - September 16th - 17th
Use promo code: CANADA to get 50% off
We'd love to see you there.

The team at Working In
Working International
56 Brown Street

Изменения в законе о канадском гражданстве вступили в силу

Изменения в правилах коснулись повышения возраста детей,

Сенат принял Законопроект C-6 о внесении изменений