Ten Located on the top floor of The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre national historic site in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Ten Spa is a world-class destination of spa luxury. All treatments and services are based on classic techniques infused with a modern edge, including Hamam at Ten, TenSkinRX.  Whether it’s a facial, body scrub, massage, body cocoon, pedicure or manicure, our cutting edge treatments will provide unmatched results which sooth and nurture.

What makes our spa unique?
Each Ten Spa treatment has been developed from years of research at many of the world’s foremost spas, as well as hard-to-find ethnic parlors. Once each treatment is created, our staff are trained to customize each service to find skin and body care solutions for every situation.

TenSkinRX is an innovative skin care concept delivering glowing healthy skin in just 15 minutes. Our new facial uses the REGENLITE pulsed dye laser in combination with task-specific and highly active skin-specific ampoules to deliver younger looking skin with no down time. TenSkinRX works to treat a number of skin conditions: sun damage, age spots, acne scars and more.

Signature Services
TenSkinRX. Ten’s Signature Facials, Signature Full Body Massage, Ten’s Body Cocoons on a heated Soft Pack envelopment bed. Hamam at Ten.

Visit our website at www.tenspa.ca for a complete listing of spa services.

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В новом телефонном справочнике 2016 будут специальные цены для нас с вами, друзья.

В преддверии Нового года, замечательный подарок любому взрослому человеку в виде гифтсетрификата на поход в спа. Туда ходят компаниями, парами или по одиночке, единственное условие - без детей. Приносить вообще ничего с собой не надо, есть абсолютно всё, от тапочек до косметики и снаков.